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PQ Energy Services: 40 Years of Energy Savings

PQ Energy has been in the business of energy management since 1972. We installed our first microprocessor in 1976 and have since dedicated ourselves to facility automation. Our main marketing focus has been municipal, hospitality, commercial and educational facilities.
Our objective is to supply our customers with a management tool to better control multiple facility operations. In most cases our systems have a two-year or less payback. This is the result of tightening up controls to fit the custom needs of each unique facility’s parameters.

Stand Alone or BMS Integrated Security System

All of our Building Management System can seamlessly integrate with our security products. Giving our clients:


  • Site-wide, single seat interface
  • Shared infrastructure: lower installation & expansion costs
  • Security components become multi-use
  • Faster response times, improving safety and comfort
  • Improved "proof of loss"
  • Vendor independence
  • Single-source responsibility: one integrator


What We Do


  •   HVAC
  •     Lighting
  •      Power Monitor-Metering
  •        Load Demand



  •   Door Card Access
  •     CCTV-Video Management
  •       Intrusion Detection