The PQ Way

PQ has been in the building automation business since 1972.

*  We offer Commercial and Municipal Lease / Purchasing

*  We are presently servicing hundreds of facilities.

*  We offer total facility management (HVAC, Lighting, Door Card Access, CCTV, Life Safety Interface)


*  Our company is not a mechanical or electrical contractor installing automation systems as a sideline.


*  We are not selling a magical box or unbelievable savings. We are offering a service that, through common sense and proper control, will improve present building controls and enhance your mechanical equipments' operation.


*  Our system and service offers true direct digital control (DDC) that can interface or replace existing controls as primary control in new construction or renovations.


*  At no cost or obligation we will conduct a physical energy audit of your facility and a complete review of your electric, gas, oil, or steam consumption. At this time, if we feel it is both physically and economically feasible, we will present a proposal that is tailored around the needs of your facility. Projected savings are based on your consumption throughout the year in direct relationship to degree days.


*  We also provide a monthly written report reviewing monthly savings accrued throughout the year. Savings are calculated by comparing one month to the same month a year prior. To insure the accuracy of the report, there are four variables that will influence your billing from year-to-year:


1.   Equipment Usage

2.   Billing Days

3.   Degree Days

4.   Utility Company Rate


*  Your in-house personnel will have the capability of reviewing all load status, temperatures, and alarms throughout your facility from one central location.


*  It is a known fact that each building has its own particular needs. All programming of the system is done in relationship to the individual requirements of you and your staff. Together, with the cooperation of our staff and your maintenance personnel, we will adjust your system to its maximum efficiency.